The Social Production of Buddhist Compassion in Chinese Societies : The Case of Women Buddhist and Emotive Compassionate Performance

Gilles GUIHEUX (Cessma, Université Paris Cité), JI Zhe (Inalco, Centre d’études interdisciplinaires sur le bouddhisme) et WANG Simeng (Cnrs, Réseau Migrations Asiatiques en France) have the pleasure to invite you to a talk by Professor Khun-Eng KUAH.

The talk will take place in Paris on June 30th at 10 : 30 am, at Inalco, Maison de la Recherche, 2 rue de Lille, salle de Sacy (2nd floor). You can also virtually attend using the zoom link below.

Abstract :
In her new book The Social Production of Buddhist Compassion in Chinese Societies (Routledge 2022), Kuah investigates and establishes a theoretical framework for studying the social production of religious compassion in the era of shale modernity among Chinese communities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. She argues that the production of Buddhist compassionate fields in the twenty-first century responds to the rising social inequality and social needs of modern society. Religious compassion serves as an emotive force that propels the religious self and socio-religious groups to commit to the performance of acts of philanthropy, including the delivery of welfare and care services, medical care, education, and humanitarian aid. Through a combination of documentation analysis and anthropological research, the book examines the interconnectivity of reformist Buddhist teachings of compassion, charisma, gender, and state in influencing the attitudes and actions of the sangha and of Buddhist individuals in producing Buddhist compassionate fields in a changing socio-economic landscape. This talk specifically explores the gender dimension and sets to ask a simple question : what attracts and motivates women to become so actively engaged in religious volunteerism and commit their time, energy and resources to do philanthropic work for the greater needs of their local and transnational communities ?

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