Religious Pluralism in Asia : Engagements, Disengagements, Activisms

Les interventions auront lieu à :
Inalco, 2 rue de Lille
75007 Paris
Jeudi 26 novembre : Les Salons
Vendredi 27 novembre : Salle des Plaques

Organisé par le Groupe de recherche Les enjeux du pluralisme religieux en Asie

Responsables : David Camroux (Sciences Po, Ceri), Claire Trân Thị Liên (Paris Diderot, Cessma) et Ji Zhe (Inalco, ASIEs)

Thursday 26th November, Les Salons

9 am Introduction
David Camroux (Sciences Po, Ceri), Claire Trần Thị Lien (Paris Diderot Cessma) and and Ji Zhe (Inalco ASIEs), Kathy Rousselet (Sciences Po, CERI)

9.30 am Religious Thought, Religiosity and Engagement
Chair : Kathy Rousselet (Sciences Po, CERI)
Discussant : Remy Madinier (Centre Asie du Sud-est)

Gwenael Njoto-Feillard (Asia Research Institute, Centre Asie du Sud-est)
The Marketization of Indonesian Islam and the Inclusion-Moderation Thesis

Hilman Latief, (Universitas Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta)
Islamic Modernism and Humanitarian Activism in Indonesia : Local Dynamics and International Engagement of the Muhammadiyah Movement.

Iselin Frydenlund (Peace Research Institute, Oslo / Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo)
The Political Paradoxes of Buddhist Revivalism in Sri Lanka

10.30 am Discussion

1 pm Religious Dimensions of (Political) Engagement and Disengagement
Chair : Claire Trần Thi Lien (Paris Diderot, Cessma)
Discussant : Ji Zhe (Inalco, AsieS)

David Camroux (Sciences Po, CERI)
Islam, Insurrection or Irredentism : the Ethno-Religious Dimensions of Enduring Conflict in southern Thailand

Renaud Egreteau (Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington DC / Sciences Po, CERI)
The Politics of Religion in Myanmar’s New Parliament

Bernardo Brown (National University of Singapore, Asia Research Institute)
Sinhalese and Tamil Catholics in Sri Lanka : United by Faith, Divided by War

Discussion 4pm

Friday 27th November Les Plaques

10 am Religious Activism and Social Engagement
Chair : David Camroux (Sciences Po, CERI)
Discussant : Huiyeon Kim (Inalco, AsieS)

Ji Zhe (Inalco, AsieS)
The Householder Grove and Lay Buddhist Movements in Modern China

Florence Galmiche, (Université Paris Diderot, Cessma)
Buddhism, Religious Affiliation and Social Visibility in Contemporary Korea

Jin-Heon Jung (Max-Planck-Institute)
Ballooning Evangelism : Privatization of Psychological Warfare in the Divided Korea

12 am Discussion

2.30 pm Religious Activism and Social Engagement(cont.)
Chair : Junliang Pan (Université Paris Diderot, Cessma)
Discussant : Pascal Bourdeaux (GSRL)

Jayeel Serrano Cornelio (Ateneo de Manila University)
The Social Activism of the Iglesia ni Cristo

Claire Trần Thị Lien (Université Paris Diderot, Cessma)
Religion and Social Transformations in Contemporary Vietnam : The Case of Catholics in Ho Chi Minh City

Ke-hsien Huang (National Taiwan University)
"Cultural Wars" in Taiwan : Gay Rights Movement, Transnational Conservative Christians, and Confucian Secularism

5pm Discussion

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