Under Development Gender

About the book

Despite various decades of research and claim-making by feminist scholars and movements, gender remains an overlooked area in development studies. Yet, without gender it is impossible to understand development – and the development of under-development. This collection brings together specialists from different parts of the world and various disciplines, who look at various key issues in development studies through the prisms of gender and feminism. Gender, as an expression of power, is an indispensable analytical category for social change. It reveals invisible realities and socio-political struggles, giving voice to the subaltern. It contributes to renewing methods, deconstruct and build innovative categories and concepts, challenging dominant paradigms. Thinking about gender can raise new controversies and encourage discussions on policy changes. While the current global crisis and growing inequalities urge us to find alternatives to globalised capitalism, feminist theory offers a fresh way to think and achieve social change.

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