NAIK Mukta

Mukta NAIK is a senior Researcher at the Centre for Policy Research (, New Delhi, one of India’s premier think tanks. She is an architect and urban planner with research interests in urban informal settlements, housing and internal migration. At CPR, she leads a project on the role of small cities in the employment outcomes of migrant youth in India and Indonesia. She also has a long-term interest in studying transitions in urban villages in Gurgaon, particularly from the perspective of informal rental housing. Mukta is also involved in multiple policy conversations and she has made contributions to the government’s deliberations on migration, rental housing and national housing policy.

Prior to joining CPR, she worked with micro Home Solutions ( on a number of community-based design interventions to improve housing in informal settlements in Delhi and
Ahmedabad. Mukta has been published widely in the print and digital media and has run a market research and media services company in the past, working with prominent corporations. As a trustee for an NGO located in Gurgaon, she is involved with community development initiatives related to education, housing and employability. Mukta is also a successful blogger. She blogs at Rambling in the City ( where she shares views and experiences related to urbanism and citizenship ; her academic publications and opinion pieces in national media may be accessed here (

Ms NAIK is a graduate of the School of Planning and Architecture and has a master’s in urban and regional planning from Texas A&M University. She is currently concurrently pursuing her Phd in Urban Strategies and Planning at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University, Rotterdam.