Kimberley MANNING, professeure invitée, juin 2024

professeure invitée, juin 2024

Professeure en Sciences politiques à l’Université Concordia (Montréal, Canada), Kimberley Manning est accueillie au Cessma et à Université Paris Cité à l’invitation de Gilles Guiheux et de Manon Laurent. Elle donnera un séminaire le 5 juin 2024 de 16h à 18h, à la Maison de la Recherche (Inalco, 2 rue de Lille, 75007, salle de Sacy). Si vous souhaitez suivre le séminaire en ligne, contacter :

Revolutionary Attachments : Party Families and the Gendered Origins of Chinese State Power

Chinese women officials played a more powerful role in radically restructuring a state than any other cohort of 20th century women politicians. Over the course of the 1940s and 1950s, Communists, social gospel reformers, and feminists worked through close familial ties to produce rapid improvements in infant and maternal mortality, the marital rights of women, and the representation of women in local and national governance. “Revolutionary Attachments” explains these previously overlooked policy triumphs, and the gendered violence, chaos, and hunger that followed, by exploring the multifaceted role of family ties in politics. Based on over two decades of work including interviews with 163 former officials, rural activists and farmers, as well as analysis of hundreds of archival documents, memoirs, biographies, movement publications, and speeches, this book sheds new light on the affective, ideological, and normative foundations of filial state power in revolutionary China.

Dr. Manning received a PhD in Political Science from the University of Washington in 2003, focusing her work on the informal and institutional dimensions of gender politics in revolutionary China. After a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University’s Center for East Asian Studies, Dr. Manning co-edited Eating Bitterness (UBC Press, 2011), an exploration of the contested nature of state-society relations during the Great Leap Forward, and authored the monograph The Party Family : Revolutionary Attachments and the Gendered Origins of Chinese State Power (Cornell University Press, 2023). Dr. Manning is Principal of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University in Montreal.

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