Conférence internationale « Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia » 9-11 Mai 2022

Date de l'événement :
Lundi 9 mai 2022 - 00h00

conférence hybride à la National University of Singapour (NUS) et en ligne
Conférence co-organisée par NUS et UPC, dans le cadre du programme de recherche « Governing Diverse Cities in Europe and Asia » co-porté par Marie Gibert-Flutre, Jémérie Molho, Kong Chong Ho, Camille Schmoll et Delphine Pagès El-Karoui

Cities in Europe and Asia have become the focal points of changing migration patterns that are transnationally connected and socio-economically differentiated. This context has challenged pre-existing models of management of urban diversity. In parallel, the global rise of nationalist rhetoric has fed the stigmatizations of migrants and minorities and the implementation of a number of exclusionary measures. In response, a number of scholars and civil society actors are pointing towards the city as a key site to reflect on changing patterns of mobility, and on emerging models of diversity governance. Cities are not only spaces of everyday coexistence of individuals of all backgrounds, origins, values, and religions. They have also emerged as platforms for key political actors that operate on a multiple scale and form transnational networks of knowledge exchange, mutual assistance and advocacy. This conference, which will bring together scholars from Europe and Asia, will provide a systematic basis for collective reflection on diversity governance issues facing European and Asian cities. It intends to generate mutual insights and lessons that can be shared with civil society and policymakers in both regions. It will aim to advance knowledge on urban diversity governance from a cross-disciplinary and cross-regional perspective. Scholars in migration studies, urban studies, political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, and other relevant disciplines will discuss convergences and contrasts across Europe and Asia, identify emerging challenges and patterns of diversity governance.
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